The Shield – Part 1

This is a chapter that was moved to book II. I’m still figuring out where it will go, but it takes place about a year after the events of The Patience of Darkfall. The Omruk are reclusive folk who have adapted to life near, and often in, water. The precise nature of their “new lords” is not clear, even to the Omruk, but their power and the fear they inspire, are unmistakeable.

The Great Shield, Land of Terrors,

Domain of the Njaphara,

Days of the Warm Lake,

Fifth Year of the Tenth Age of Watching

Yeyakam ari’aling — the white berry. A thing which grows where nothing should grow, she thought. Haawe bent down to clear the snow away from the small bush, careful not to touch the thorns. This is a plant that knows how to defend itself.

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